TENS Machine

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is an increasingly popular method of pain management for individuals with chronic pain or those in labour. A TENS machine gives a mild electric current to the individual in various parts of the body via electrodes attached to that particular part of the body. It doesn’t involve medications or injections at all. Instead, a TENS machine runs on batteries. Sometimes, a small rechargeable battery is used in the machine, so there is no need to change the batteries as often as other methods might.

The theory behind the TENS machines is fairly simple: when you place one of the electrodes on your skin, it will register that point and provide you with a gentle, pulsating electric current. The electrodes are often made of a conductive material like wax or metal coated in a plastic compound. While these pads provide some comfort and relief from pain, the most common application for a tens machine is placing pads directly on the affected area or points on your body.

TENS MachineThese electrode pads in ZoeTech Australia TENS machine work in conjunction with the electrical impulses from your body’s muscles. They provide an even distribution across the entire surface of the pad. Generally, tens machines can be used on either your feet, ankles or wrists.

One of the most significant advantages of using a tens machine is that they provide consistent relief. This is especially important in painful situations like carpal tunnel syndrome or fibromyalgia. Electrode pads are also commonly used on individuals suffering from diseases like epilepsy. In addition, because of the uniform distribution of the electrical impulses, the effectiveness of a tens machine is much greater than that of other, less efficient electrical stimulation methods. Therefore, it is often recommended for patients suffering from diseases as serious as neurologic diseases.

There are many benefits to using ZoeTech Australia TENS machine, but perhaps one of the most important is safety. In general, the pads must be used with care. For example, you should never place them on inflamed or irritated areas. If you have any questions about using the equipment, you can consult your doctor or physiotherapist. In some cases where the condition is acute, you may need to consult a surgeon before applying the pads.

While it is important to use the pads hygienically, there is no reason you can’t enjoy the relief the electrodes provide. In most cases, the tingling sensation is the worst when the skin is warm or moist. Therefore, you should apply the electrodes only to cold or dry skin. As long as the area around the pad remains clean and dry, you should notice little discomfort from the tingling sensation. One important thing to remember is that it is important to choose the correct electrode type for the condition you suffer from. In most cases, the electrical stimulation helps relieve the pain, but it is not necessary to administer it traditionally.