Common Car Parts That Will Need Maintenance

When you are a car owner, there are a few things that you should know. Not all car parts are created equally. Sometimes, it helps to look at car parts diagrams to understand where the key parts of your car are located. Learn as much about car parts as possible so that you can have deeper conversations with your mechanic about how to maintain your car properly. If you have a Toyota car, several parts will help keep your car performing at its best.

The four main parts of a vehicle that makes it run are the engine, transmission, suspension, and tires. When one of these parts becomes damaged or malfunctions, you will experience problems. The engine is the heart of the vehicle and is one of the most important parts. Your transmission doesn’t work unless the transmission fluid is replaced, so you must change the transmission fluid regularly. You also need to be careful to keep the engine cool because over-heating can cause a serious breakdown.


The front wheels and brakes at are essential parts, as they will determine how your car handles. The front wheels need to absorb the shock of braking, so they need to be in good condition. On the other hand, the front tires act like shock absorbers, grabbing hold of the road as you apply pressure to the brake pedal. The brakes are designed to slow you down, so they need to work effectively. Having your brakes serviced regularly will go a long way towards ensuring that your car performs as well as it should.

Another part of your car that will affect its performance is the cooling system. Your radiator serves two functions: one, it brings in cool air from the engine and radiates it into the rest of the vehicle; and two, it directs the warmed-up air back into the engine compartment to re-cool and brings it back into the vehicle. Without the right cooling system, the entire engine compartment will overheat and malfunction. As the radiator cools, the performance of the rest of the vehicle will be affected. Changing the radiator is one of the most basic parts of car maintenance, and it is something that you should never skip if you want your car to last.

Another important part of your radiator is the hot air blower, which draws away coolant from the radiator. This coolant has to be refreshed continually, and if it becomes too thin, then your radiator won’t work as well as it should. One of the best ways to increase your radiator’s performance is to check for leaks and fix them as soon as possible at Toyota Car Parts Adelaide. Some car maintenance tips state that you should replace the hot coolant from time to time, but there is no way to tell when this will have to be done.