Tree Removal: How to Do it Safely

Stump tree remains are quite a liability and safety issue. Everyday attorneys are always filing liability cases for slip and fall injuries resulting from tree stumps. 

A woman was walking down the sidewalk when a small stone accidentally slipped from her shoe and travelled down the walkway. She loudly complained about the incident to a passerby, who told her to be more careful next time. Shortly after that, the woman tripped and fell. When she got out of the ambulance, she immediately noticed a small stump in her right leg—fortunately, no other accident casualties. The problem was, the stump was so small that it would not have been visible to a passerby standing a distance away.

Once a professional tree specialist is hired, stump removal Adelaide becomes an objective and less traumatic event. Since the stump poses little or no hazard, the process is fast and easy. Many stump removal services advise their customers not to worry about what to do with the stump, as long as they don’t move it too much.

stump-removal-adelaideBefore hiring a stump removal Adelaide service, the homeowner should research local laws about removing tree stumps and consult with their local state and county officials to identify requirements and restrictions. It’s often required that homeowners obtain city or town approval before taking action. Some areas have rules restricting when a stump can be removed. Local governments might also have restrictions regarding the stump’s size and placement, often determined by where the homeowner lives.

The next step in removing tree stumps is to determine which method will work best. Most people opt for grinding and driving the stump to the base of the tree. Grinding the tree remains takes longer and can be dangerous. Moreover, since the remains are still somewhat soft, chipping them could cause injury or damage. Driving the stump into the ground, whether forcefully or with finesse, also poses risks.

In most cases, tree stump grinding is done by professionals. Tree stump grinding can be done at home using a corer, but this method is not without risk. A corer is not equipped with the proper equipment and training to handle such a large task. For these reasons, many people prefer to hire a professional stump removal Adelaide service to remove stumps. Even with the added expense, the peace of mind that comes from knowing your property has been professionally addressed and the job is completed with care is well worth it.