Three Reasons Your  Company Needs A Social Media Expert

Welcome to the 21st century, where self-lacing shoes are no longer limited to a 90s sci-fi fantasy movie and preschool-children toting smartphones. Whether you have an in-house or outsourced social media expert, social media marketing is a vital component to the success of any modern business. To have a booming and successful business, you have to establish a strong social media presence.



While SEO may be the backbone to a successful online marketing campaign, it won’t be complete without the help of a significant social media presence. A social media expert, also called social media manager or strategist, has the necessary skill set to take your business to the next level. With that said, here are three reasons why your business needs the expertise of a social media manager:


For A Boost In Sales/Leads

Seventy-four per cent of online customers uses social media to make purchase decisions. That means you can potentially tap into social media and make money by influencing social media users to check out and consider your product or service. With the help of a social media strategist, you can turn your loyal followers into loyal customers, increasing your sales and leads in the process.


Track & Monitor Your Social Media Influence

With the help of a social media manager, you can set up external tracking applications like Facebook Pixels and Google Analytics to monitor your progress. Through the data they get from these applications, they can create a clear marketing strategy that targets on pitching to your followers and giving them all the reasons to convert without being too noticeably pushy and assertive.



Online marketing is all about paying attention to ‘timing.’ That means sharing or posting content at the right time when people are likely to engage and convert. A social media manager is not only proficient at setting up a social media marketing plan, but they’re also good at timing their content and posting them at the exact time that people are likely going to engage. That way, people will consider your brand as a reliable source of information and entertainment, which gives them all the reasons to convert.

Hire A Social Media Expert Today

With the help of a professional social media manager, you can achieve a solid social media following, which you can use to influence your followers and give them all the reasons to become your customers. Visit our website now to hire our reliable social media marketing team.