Hip Replacement Surgery – Why See a Hip Surgeon First

What exactly is hip arthroscopy surgery? This type of surgical procedure is an outpatient procedure whereby the hip surgeon Adelaide makes a tiny incision inside the hip joint through which an ultrasound probe is inserted. The probe is attached to a video monitor that is attached to the other end of a long thin tube. When it detects that the fluid accumulating around the inside of the joint has started to drain away from the joint, the physician removes the fluid and closes up the incision with stitches. For more information, visit http://www.ahkc.com.au now.

Hip Surgeon AdelaideOnce the incisions are made, and the doctor starts to remove the fluid, he or she will find out whether or not the fluid is toxic and then place some clot in the joint to prevent further fluid accumulation in the joint. He or she will then insert a new hip joint to allow the bone and the surrounding tissue to fill in the joint.

The new hip joint is then stitched to prevent the fluid from returning to the hip joint. Once the surgery has been completed, the hip surgeon Adelaide will then place a bandage over the affected area of the joint. He or she may also suggest the patient wear a splint or cast for the rest of his or her life to prevent further injury and pain.

The hip replacement surgery will last from one to four hours. During this time, the patient can go about his or her activities as usual without worrying about their hip’s condition. However, if they experience any pain or stiffness in their hip after the procedure, they should contact their physician immediately. For more information, visit http://www.ahkc.com.aunow.

Hip replacement surgery should be considered a significant operation for those who have difficulty walking due to age-related problems, arthritis or have sustained a severe injury to the hip joint. Because the procedure requires extensive preparation and recovery time, only the very best surgeons are qualified to perform this type of treatment. Some patients may even be required to use crutches or walk around in a cane during the recovery period.

To learn more about hip replacement surgery, contact your Adelaide physician today. It will help to inform you about all of the risks involved and all of the benefits of undergoing this type of procedure.

Hip replacement surgery is an excellent way to address your pain and mobility concerns. You may also learn that the procedure is the most effective treatment for your particular hip condition and is the only option for you. For more information, visit http://www.ahkc.com.au now.