Find Out What Experience a Family Lawyer Experts Adelaide Has Handled

Family lawyers specialize in family-related legal issues such as marriage, divorce, adoption, annulment, alimony, parental rights and guardianship, child custody and support, termination of a relationship, division of assets and liabilities, the termination of a relationship and so on. Family law is a specialized area of civil law dealing specifically with family-related matters and family-related legal issues. Family lawyer experts Adelaide also deal with other societal problems related to family affairs like drug abuse, juvenile delinquency, social problems and so on. In fact, family lawyers are in great demand these days as most of the couples have some sort of family-related problem.


If you are getting divorced or if your spouse is about to divorce, you may be interested in hiring a family lawyer to guide you through the process. Divorcing couples need spousal support or alimony to pay for their living expenses after the marriage is over. Spousal support is awarded to the lower-paying spouse under family law. Alimony is given by the courts to the surviving spouse as a way of helping him/her to get his/her job back after the divorce.


If the spouses are not married but have a kid, then the family lawyer may advise them to get a prenuptial agreement before getting married. This may help prevent problems later on regarding divorce or spousal support if the couple has a kid together. A prenup will state that both spouses will get a percentage of the assets upon the death of the other spouse. The spouse who gets the larger share will be the one who will have to give monthly alimony to the surviving spouse until the child is of age and has his/her own job.


Most family lawyer experts in Adelaide work on a contingency basis where they get their fee only if they win the case and the client doesn’t have to pay alimony or spousal support. Some also work on a contingency fee basis whereby their fee is only for those instances when they win and the client does not have to pay any money. Their fee is also usually lower than the fees of other firms for the same type of cases.


Clients of family lawyers should find out from their lawyer whether they have any past experience in handling family law cases. Some law firms have a special division for such cases, and the lawyers in this department will handle all the cases that come up. Clients should ensure that the firm they hire has a good reputation and that the lawyers they are dealing with are experienced. It is essential for clients to find out what experience the lawyers have had with the judicial officers they will be dealing with in their case.


It is important that the legal expert that will represent you in your marriage case has the knowledge, experience and skills necessary to win the case. Family lawyer experts Adelaide can be a valuable asset in the legal process, especially if the matter goes to trial. The attorney will be able to use this expertise to make sure that he or she is successful in getting the best results for the case.