Stuff You’ll Learn Exclusively from Driving School

Most aspiring and young drivers hate the idea of enrolling in driving school. For this new generation, they’re quite confident that they’ll learn how to drive and get a license in a heartbeat, without the need for a professional instructor to guide them. 

In part, they have a valid argument considering that a driving school Chadstone course may require at least 30 hours of classes/theory. This is when the instructor talks extensively about traffic rules, road signs, parking, and many others. For young and overeager drivers, this part is quite annoying and tough to endure. Nevertheless, the most critical knowledge and skills in driving are learned in the classroom, not behind the wheel. 


If you’re one of those apprehensive about enrolling in driving school, this article should help you figure out and realise why it’s non-negotiable. Let’s start by talking about the three things only driving schools can teach you:

1 – Awareness and Respect for Bike Lanes

Even those who’ve been driving their entire lives aren’t fully aware of road rules on bike lanes. Some drivers aren’t even aware of their presence. One of the undervalued reasons for enrolling in driving school Chadstone is that student drivers are exposed to an extensive course where they’re taught about respecting bike lanes. For instance, most jurisdictions only allow vehicles to drive through a bike lane when making a turn, i.e., entering an alley, driveway, or a private road. We bet that you never knew of this rule up until you’ve read this part. Don’t worry because most people share the same thought (or lack of it).

2 – Proper Use of Lanes

Another old yet unfamiliar rule in driving that most new drivers don’t know or care about is lanes’ use. If you’re learning how to drive on your own, it’s improbable that you have sufficient knowledge about the proper use of lanes. Specifically, when the road has a couple or more lanes in the same direction, slow drivers must remain on the right lane since left lanes are intended for faster vehicles. Those who are unaware of this quite basic rule may end up in road rage cases with other drivers, or worse, it could lead to road mishaps.

3 – Carpool Lane

It’s fair for someone who has no formal driving instruction to assume that they’re more likely to abuse the carpool lane concept. Meanwhile, those who are simply ignorant of the signs tell them when they can and can’t drive in those lanes. You probably don’t know what high occupancy vehicle or carpool lanes mean as you’re reading this. In driving school, you’re taught that these lanes are for cars with at least two passengers. 

So, those are just three of the most underrated things that you’ll learn when you’re in driving school. While they’re not as common as other traffic and road rules, you’ll agree that they carry the same significance when it comes to safe driving.