Building a Concrete Block Retaining Wall

Landscaping is a typical project when it comes to adding beauty and value to a property. With it comes other sub-projects like retaining walls. A retaining wall is a common landscaping feature, and more so in sloping areas. To enclose a garden on sloping ground, you can build a concrete block retaining wall, which not a difficult thing to do.

Let us assume that you want to have a beautiful decorative area for an enclosed garden. The first thing you need is interlocking blocks which you can buy after you have measured the area you want to retain. The interlocking bricks will not require any mortar as each block has a lip that will lock into the previous block. The bricks are heavy but easy to work with. A block retaining wall of this type can be built to be up to 30 inches tall. For a higher structure, you will need to hire a block retaining wall builder Gold Coast who has the experience to prepare the area for water drainage and also to ensure that the retaining wall is well reinforced for stability.

If you are building the thirty-inch retaining wall, you can easily handle the project on your own. The first thing you do is mark off your prospective wall area with a line and posts. You can use a garden hose to mark the perimeter of the garden. You need a solid base from which to begin building and so, using a shovel, dig a trench by the size of the block. If your property is slopey, you need to dig a trench at each level as you construct. Otherwise, after you have built a solid foundation, you can begin laying the blocks. After putting the foundation, you can now start putting the rest of the concrete blocks. When doing so, ensure that the lip of the block is against the block before it. Continue building while checking carefully to ensure that all blocks are in place.

As seen from above, building a retaining wall is not that easy and will take a lot of your time. Therefore, if you are always busy at work or in your business, the best thing to do is hire a block retaining wall builder Gold Coast. There several advantages of hiring a retaining wall builder. First, you will get professional work and get a design that complements your property and the existing landscape design. Second, the work will be done within the set timelines, and this saves you both money and time. Third, you get a guarantee on the job done and you can rest assured that the retaining wall can stand the test of time. In all odds, nothing beats professional work.