Asbestos Testing Laboratory and Asbestos Testing Services

Is your house built during the 80s or 90s? If so, then your home may have a strong presence of asbestos. Long before modern day fireproof systems were invented, asbestos was a common fireproofing material applied on steel beams and columns. However, it was later on discovered to be cancerous when powdered and inhaled. That’s why construction companies stopped its production and later on developed an alternative way to fireproof your building, homes, and other establishments. If you believe to have asbestos in your house, then call for Asbestos Testing Laboratory Adelaide for their asbestos testing services.

Established in 2001, the Asbestos Testing Laboratory Adelaide is an independent asbestos testing and analysis centre located in Adelaide, South Australia. Our specialists offer fast, accurate, and affordable asbestos testing for homeowners, businesspeople, home buyers or sellers, realtors, and environmentalists within the city and its surrounding areas.

Why We Test Asbestos

As said earlier, asbestos is a cancer-provoking carcinogen. When powdered, it poses the greatest threat when it becomes airborne. Repairing, demolishing, or just disturbing materials that contain asbestos may cause its fibres to dislodge and release into the air. Here’s a short list of the most common materials that contain asbestos that is found in your home:

Acoustic ceiling spray

Floor Tiles



Joint/drywall compounds


Exterior stuccos

For a comprehensive list, visit our official website.

Before you even think about disturbing any material that is suspected of containing asbestos, you should instead have a sample of that material tested by our qualified laboratory here in the heart of the city. The Asbestos Testing Laboratory Adelaide features a fully-accredited laboratory that provides quick and accurate testing. Get results within 24 hours or on the very same day, depending on the number of clients that we’re currently serving. Visit our website now to know the instruction on how to collect and submit asbestos samples for analysis.

Want To Join Our Team?

Are you a professional who works in the asbestos field? Are you interested in joining our team? If so, then head to our business page to know how to apply. We accept resumes via online submission or straight to our office. Once you qualify, we will schedule a meeting and interview with you to get to know you better. Once you’ve passed all of the initial examinations, you will now proceed to train. If your resume already proves that you’re a certified expert, then you can skip the training and move straight to orientation before you can start working.

We only employ the best individuals for the job. That way, we can provide the best services to our clients. Discover other things that we can offer. Visit our website today!