What Makes Your Car Overheat?

One of the most terrible things that could happen to a car owner is engine overheating, and there are several possible causes for it. Even if you do not consider yourself a car buff, it is your responsibility as an owner to acknowledge and learn that the engine is not supposed to be subjected to extremely high temperatures. The reason why it has a cooling system is to prevent overheating, which in turn could result in expensive repairs and overhaul.

The reason why you need to have your car sent to a Volkswagen Service Adelaide for regular maintenance and servicing is to detect early signs of overheating. Regular check-ups will figure out problems and issues like a cracked cooling system, broken water pump, bad thermostat, or a blocked radiator.

The last thing you want is to drive your car on your way to an important meeting with a client, or you’re taking the family for a weekend getaway when suddenly steam or white smoke comes out of the hood, and your dashboard goes crazy with all those warning lights popping out. However, you can prevent it from happening if you understand what could go wrong with an engine that’s about to overheat. Even if you aren’t supposed to fix it yourself, it is your job to at least learn what makes your car overheat.

1 – There’s a leak in the cooling system.

The possibility of air entering the cooling system of Volkswagen is one reason why the engine on your car may overheat. When the coolant leaks due to a puncture, it creates space for air to enter the system. When that happens, an airlock occurs, preventing the coolant from reaching the engine. A leak in the cooling system is a quick fix provided there is early detection. But if you do not check your engine and the cooling system the way you’re supposed to, then remember that it is like a ticking time bomb.

2 – There is a blockage to the coolant circulation.

Know that the usual suspects for the blockage to the coolant circulation are a defective thermostat, mineral deposit, presence of debris or foreign object that blocks the liquid from flowing through the radiator. When there is a blockage, it will fail to disperse heat, which in turn will heat the engine and eventually cause overheating.

3 – There is a low level of oil.

It is crucial that you check the engine oil level regularly to figure out if something is leaking underneath. You need to visit a Volkswagen Service Adelaide once you notice that your engine oil is leaking because if you don’t, it will also lead to the production of excess heat. Know that the engine oil is not only for lubricating the moving parts. It also helps in the cooling process. So, if you don’t do anything about a low level of engine oil, expect your car to overheat without warning.