Solving Stuttering Through Speech Therapy Services

Speech therapy is the technique of solving voice-related problems for example stuttering in children. Speech pathologists and speech therapist are specialists with accreditations to diagnose and treat these speech disorders. The sufferer can have these services in a therapist’s clinic, hospital, in a school or home. A range of activities like word and sound repetitions, conversations, reading, comprehension, and rhymes are employed in a speech therapy Adelaide program.

The type and length of the therapy may vary depending on the extent, age and difficulty of the stutterer. The speech therapist tries to know the scope of the problem through a formal interview of the child and parent and then recommends a treatment procedure. There are two forms of speech therapy treatment for stuttering – direct and indirect approach.

In the indirect approach, a comfortable and relaxing environment is created for the kid to improve the speech naturally. It is because stuttering in children develop over time and therefore it is better to monitor the progress.

In the indirect speech therapy approach, a therapist interacts directly with the kid face to face. The expert teaches the child how to form words, how to speak slowly and try to fix the speech disorder while speaking. The kid is taught how to eliminate unwanted physical gestures like lip movements, eye blinking, etc. while speaking. The child also learns how to cope with emotional stress during stuttering.

In the fluency shaping therapy, the jaws, muscles, and tongue are trained to slow down the speech using breath control. This program is used with kids having severe stuttering issues and may last for up to two years. However, this program has a high success rate.

Parent counselling is another critical part of a speech therapy program. Kids prefer parents and teachers as the love and affection they receive help improve the recovery process. Therefore, parents are taught how to respond to the kid’s stuttering positively to avoid parental mistakes in managing speech disorders. For example, a parent is advised to give the child as much time as possible as they communicate. Also, it is not advisable to complete words for them when they are trying to pronounce. It is also essential to make the child feel loved and appreciate them when they utter a word correctly as this will encourage the child to try more words.

Speech Therapy Adelaide as a remedy for solving stuttering and other speech disorders is advisable for school children around 5 to 7 years. It is difficult to get good results when practising the therapy with pre-school children because they cannot accommodate the pressures of speech therapy methods. However, it is essential to have the child examined as earlier as possible so that you can know if your son or daughter has a speech disorder.