The Best Collection of Mens Shoes by Spend Less

Did you know that men spend more money on their shoes than anything thing in the world? That is a guaranteed fact. Men even spend more money on their shoes than women do on their makeups. That, in itself, is mind-blowing. If you’re a man, you should have a great-looking shoe collection, or else you’ll be left behind in the growing men’s fashion industry. If your footwear game is still weak,  then make sure you stop by and shop for the best collection of mens shoes by Spend Less.

mens shoes by Spend LessHere are some of the hottest items that you can find:

HURRICANE by Olympus

Olympus is known as a brand that manufacturers the quirkiest-looking shoes, and Hurricane stands out as one of their best products. A hybrid loafer and dress shoe, the Hurricane is an all-rounder, perfect for both casual, semi-formal and formal occasions. You can even use it for your summertime look while you stroll down the coastlines of Adelaide. You can also lace it up, so comfort is a guarantee. You can also add some socks to the mix. The possibilities are endless!

GABE by Edge Originals

Are you looking for a more laidback, street-style look? Then Gabe is the guaranteed sneaker for your all-around use. Gabe is one of the trendiest options for any guy who’s just looking for a stroll downtown or chilling with friends on a Friday night. With its retro stripe detailing and tonal finish, Gabe is more than your average everyday sneaker. It stands out in any setting and will be an excellent addition to your shoe collection.

DECK by Olympus

Every man should have a boat shoe in their shoe collection. It’s a versatile type of shoe that’s perfect for all-day wear. Deck by Olympus is built for both style and comfort, giving you maximum convenience on your feet like no other. It’s a casual shoe that you need to have. With its overall slick and stylish design, as well as comfortable feel, Deck by Olympus can potentially challenge Sperry top sider and even make a run for its money.

ASHTON by Cooper Cohen

Are you looking for the perfect winter shoe? Ashton is Australia’s favourite! A lace-up dress shoe, Ashton can also be the ideal corporate shoe that you’ve been looking for all these years. It’s perfect for any formal occasion and will make the wearer stand out amongst the crowd. It will make any formal or corporate outfit look slick and fresh. So make sure you have a pair of the ever-versatile Ashton by Copper Cohen.

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