Services Offered by Biogas Experts

If you are thinking of taking advantage of a landfill to produce renewable power, then you are on the right track. Rubbish dumps have untapped energy which can be put to good use by generating both electricity and heating energy. With this energy, you will save on your bills and play an essential role in environmental conservation. However, how do you go about installing a biogas digester or how can you tap the landfill energy and enjoy huge savings? Well, there is only one way to do this – you need to contact a professional biogas company. This article will look at some critical services offered by biogas experts in Adelaide.

The first service offered by biogas experts is the design and installation of biodigesters and other biogas systems. When you contact biogas experts, they will first pay you a visit to the landfill and do some assessment. They will then listen to your needs and know what type of system will suit your needs. Once you agree, they will design the ideal setup to produce sufficient biogas fuel to power your home or business. They will ensure that the system is safe and that it is functional. After the installation, you can start enjoying free LFG.

Another service offered by biogas experts is servicing and maintenance. When you biogas system is in place, it requires regular maintenance to ensure that it functions optimally and that the whole system is safe. Besides the routine maintenance, there may be times when the system will fail for one reason or another. In such cases, you need to call for repair services. The best biogas company will effortlessly handle any repairs and maintenance and keep your system safe and functional. This way, you can enjoy uninterrupted LFG supply for your home or business.

Another typical service offered by biogas experts is a gas risk assessment. If you have a biogas system in place or you live near a landfill, then you need to call the experts who will do gas risk assessment regularly. Ground gas and LFG gas can pose risks to both human health and the environment. These gasses can move in any direction, cause explosions and even create an asphyxiating atmosphere. To ensure that you, your property and the environment are safe, you have to call Biogas Systems – hazardous ground gas risk assessment. They are biogas experts offering a variety of services including design, servicing and maintenance, resource assessment, monitoring and gas risk assessment. Therefore, by contacting them, you can be sure that they will do the evaluation and advise you accordingly. They are the leading industry experts, and so you can trust in their solutions. Give them a call for more info on LFG and ground gas.