The Features That Makes the Envirotemp Electric Water Heater a Household Necessity

Are you planning to install a water heating system for your bathroom? If so, then you need to know which type of method is the more convenient and beneficial one.  You have two options: fuel-fired or electric water heating. While there has been debate as to which is the more beneficial one, there’s no denying the fact that electric heating has been on the rise ever since the beginning of the 21st century. In this article, we’re going to go over the different features that explain why the Envirotemp electric water heater is the popular choice:

Efficient Operating Costs

The cost of heating water using electricity is understandably greater than that of gas-fired water heaters, fuel oil, and liquid propane. However, what’s being overlooked here is the cost difference as it doesn’t consider the efficiency of the water heaters. The truth is that water heating energy costs and demand are only two of the many components that make up the entire costs of owning and operating a water heating system. Among them, the Envirotemp electric water heater offers costs advantages over fuel-fired water heaters. We still need to consider the installation, design, maintenance, and life service. Overall, electric water heating has power over any other water heating system.


Envirotemp electric water heaterIt is known that electric water heating systems like Envirotemp are much more reliable than fuel-fired units. The reason is that the former tends to avoid problems and hazards associated with using a combustion process to heat water – something that the latter needs to reinforce their water heating process. Fuel-fired water heaters also present a flammable hazard as gas can trigger fire at any given moment. Energy used for electric water heaters is regulated accordingly, making it the safest option.

Efficiency and Consistency

Finally, electric water heaters are the more efficient option compared to fuel-fired units. Recently in a study, it was found that the maximum energy factor listed for fuel-fired units with power burners is at 0.86. Units with atmospheric burners have a max energy factor of 0.64. Electric water heaters, on the other hand, have an energy factor rating that can go as high as 0.95. Looking at these numbers alone, you can see that electric water heaters offer a more efficient and consistent energy usage.

The Envirotemp electric water heater can provide all of the above benefits and more! Get to know more about this innovative water heater by visiting our website today.