Monthly Archive: January 2018

Automated Lead Nurturing

Where Sales Strategy Meets Automation

Contastic is the simple lead nurturing system that knows who you need to follow up with and generates emails with personalized content for you to send to remain relevant.


Our team caters features directly to your enterprise. You need a feature added? We make it happen.


Your email and contacts are analyzed over a secure encrypted channel. We never store your emails or send messages to any of your contacts.

Rediscover Lost Contacts

We connect with Gmail to find the last time you were in touch with a contact. If it’s been too long we’ll give you a nudge to reach out!

Content to Start the Conversation

Using topics from their LinkedIn profile, Contastic provides you with a daily digest of news your contacts will love. A relevant article is a great way to reconnect and build your relationship.


Unlimited Topic and Article Recommendations for your Contacts.

Leverage Templates

Compose and send an email in seconds. Active fields. Pushed directly to your email client (Gmail, Outlook, and Thunderbird).

Zero Overhead

Keep track of all of your interactions with no manual setup or input.